the consultation project

A collaboration of the Maine Academy of Family Physicians and
the Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians –
Providing psychiatric consultation to primary care practices
throughout the state of Maine

What is the Consultation Project?

We are a group of primary care physicians and psychiatrists who are concerned about the lack of available psychiatric resources in many areas of Maine. Recognizing that primary care providers provide the bulk of psychiatric services, we developed a program to make psychiatric consultation available to primary care practices throughout the state. The program is collaboration between the Maine Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) and the Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians (MAAP).

How does the program work?

Each participating primary care practice is assigned an adult or child/adolescent psychiatrist who is available for consultation on an on-going basis. The continuity over time allows for the development of a working relationship between the practice and the consultant. Consultation is ‘informal,” by telephone or email, and does not involve direct evaluation of the patient. The consultant is available to all prescribers in the practice, including physicians, nurse Practioners and physician assistants.

What other services are available?

Whenever possible, the consultant will meet with the primary care practice at the beginning of their work together, in order to make plans and get to know one another. If requested, the consultant may be able to provide “in-service” training on topics of interest. We also plan to offer CME conferences on relevant topics, which will be open to participating practices.

How do I sign up?

Dianna Poulin, BS CHE, Branch Coordinator
Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians
30 Association Drive, PO Box 190
Manchester, ME  04351
Phone: 207-622-7743     Fax: 207-622-3332

Registration is simple:

We will send you a letter with more details of the program. After discussing it with providers in your practice, simply sign and return the letter and you will be assigned a consultant.

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