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Experiencing Physician Burnout?  AAFP has resources to help

MMA Resources on Physician Burnout - AMA Steps Forward -

Online practice transformation series launched last June, is offering new online modules that help physicians learn their risk factors for burnout and adopt real-life strategies to reignite professional fulfillment and resilience.

How the AMA is Helping America’s Physicians Combat Burnout

Make the Member Connection -

Connect with other MAFP & AAFP members across the country through AAFP's Member Interest Groups (MIGs) - MIGs have been established as a way to define, recognize, and engage groups of AAFP active members who have shared professional interests. MIGs provide a forum for AAFP members with shared professional interests. Group members have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Network with fellow AAFP members
  • Participate in interest-specific continuing professional development activities
  • Deliver a unified message to AAFP leadership
  • Develop AAFP policy
  • Provide input on AAFP policies and positions (upon request)
  • Pursue professional leadership development within the AAFP
  • Connect to existing AAFP resources
  • Meet face-to-face at AAFP Assembly

    MIGs estabilshed so far: (select group for more information & to sign up)

MAFP/AAFP Member Census - Complete yours HERE 

Reporting Your CME Credits to AAFP

Changes Simplifying Reporting Your CME 


New-to-Practice Physicians - "Experience the AAFP" -FAQs

New-to-Practice Physicians CONNECT/Resources -

With limited time and resources, new-to-practice physicians face unique challenges. Your AAFP membership is especially helpful in these first few years of your career.

Graduating Residents & New-to-Practice Physicians Resources


ABFM (American Board of Family Medicine) Board Certification -

2016 Changes to ABFM Continuous Certification Process explained







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