Get Back to the Basics to Take Control of Asthma

Did you know more than 25 million people in America have asthma—including nearly seven million kids? Asthma affects people of all ages, but it doesn’t have to keep you from leading an active, healthy life.

This May, during Asthma Awareness Month, we’re challenging you to get back to the basics and learn better ways to take control of asthma.

Check out these great tools and resources from the American Lung Association for people with asthma and their caretakers.

Asthma Basics is a self-paced online learning module for anyone wanting to learn more about asthma, its symptoms and triggers, types of medications and better asthma management.

Asthma Action Plans are written, individualized plans developed between a patient and their healthcare provider that outline steps to recognize asthma symptoms and prevent them from getting worse.

Your Child's Asthma: A Parents Guide to Better Breathing a step-by-step guide for parents of children with asthma that will help you learn help you learn about asthma and what to do when your child is experiencing symptoms.

•  Guide to Controlling Asthma at Work outlines strategies to monitor symptoms, reduce exposures, and work with health care providers and employers to keep adults with asthma active and healthy.

•  Guide to Safe & Healthy Workplaces provides a framework and tools that human resources managers and worksite wellness professionals can use to provide lung friendly workplaces, including planning tools, policy recommendations and education programs.

Help encourage asthma awareness throughout the month of May by learning more about asthma and sharing these tools with friends and family who are affected by asthma.

For more information on these resources and more, please visit or call the Lung HelpLine at 1-800-LUNGUSA.

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