Lyme Disease Awareness

Lyme disease is the most common vectorborne disease in Maine. Many cases are reported each year, and the number will rise as the weather continues to get warmer. Cases have been increasing each year in Maine, and occur in all 16 counties.

Other diseases that are carried by ticks in Maine include Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and Powassan. Multiple cases of all of these tickbourne diseases have been reported here in Maine.

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ICD 10 Coding - Is YOUR Practice Ready? Begin Preparing Today!

ICD 10 Code changes are coming next year - Are YOU ready?
The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding will require significant changes in your documentation, workflow, and technology. The AAFP has put together a topic collection featuring how-to articles from FPM's ongoing series focused on ICD-10 coding.

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Patten Maine Family Physician - Ron Blum, honored as a 2015 Rural Hero by the World Organization of Family Doctors!

Dr. Blum was honored as 1 of 3 U.S. Family Physicians selected to be a RuralHero by WONCA's Working Party on RuralPractice which created it's "Rural Heroes"initiative to spotlight rural family physiciansworking around the world whose careerpath and work could inspire others. 

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Is YOUR Practice Ready?

CMS Road to 10 Resource (HERE) is particularly geared to small practices and offers free tools, information and training.  Whether your transition is underway, or you are just starting out, Road to 10 will help you navigate your path to ICD-10 compliance.


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