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Opioids, Burnout Are Among Hot Topics in Town Hall Meeting Sunday evening

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"On September 2nd, the federal Food and Drug Agency (FDA) issued a rule prohibiting the use of tricolosan, triclocarban and 17 other anti-bacterial chemicals in soap products. 

For clarification, this ruling does not apply to the still recommended use of hand-sanitizer gels which have been shown to decrease skin-to-skin transmission of a wide number of pathogens."  Read more in Dr. Sturrock's latest -  "From the President's Pen" - Here

View Dr. Sturrock's WABI TV5 "Healthy Living" Interviews - HERE

Tick & Vector Bourne Disease Awareness - not just Lyme

Lyme disease is the most common vector borne disease in Maine. Many cases are reported each year, and the number will rise as the weather continues to get warmer. Cases have been increasing each year in Maine, and occur in all 16 counties.

Other diseases that are carried by ticks in Maine include Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and Powassan. Multiple cases of all of these tick bourne diseases have been reported here in Maine.

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Opioid Issues:

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ZIKA Outbreak - Updated Information for physicians


Tick & Vector Bourne

Disease Resources

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"Making Sense of MACRA: Start Today, Prepare for Tomorrow" - supplement from July/August Family Practice Management

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