“Doc of the Day” at the Maine Legislature:

Established in 1997, the program is well respected and legislators are enthusiastic about it. Volunteering as the “Doctor of the Day gives you a better sense of legislators’ perception of the medical profession, the importance of developing a relationship with your legislators, and promoting the medical profession among the State’s leaders.

2017 Doctor of the Day Program ~ Help us to continue our presence!

During the 1996 legislative session, the Maine Legislature asked the Maine Medical Association and the Maine Osteopathic Association to furnish a physician for each day of the legislative session to assist in the event of a medical emergency.  Now the “Doctor of the Day” program is well established and respected, and legislators are enthusiastic about it.  This is a unique opportunity to observe the legislative process in action and to interact with the lawmakers.  We need your help to continue our presence and to ensure the continued success of this program.

The scheduling of volunteers for the upcoming Legislative Session has already begun.  We would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming session that is scheduled
to convene in January and is expected to run through April. 

Upon receipt of your registration, MMA staff will contact you to arrange and/or
confirm the most convenient date for you to serve.  The House Clerk’s office staff
then will mail you a packet with a legislative parking pass and confirmation letter informing you about your scheduled date.  On the day of your participation, a Maine Medical Association or Maine Osteopathic Association staff representative will meet you at the State House and will be available to guide you throughout the State House.  

This is an effective grassroots contact program for organized medicine in Maine and
it has established substantial "good will" for organized medicine at the State House.  The “Doctor of the Day” program gives you the unique opportunity to observe the process in which your legislators make decisions affecting you as a physician and
as a citizen of the State of Maine. 

If you have any questions regarding the “Doctor of the Day” program, please feel free to contact the MMA legislative staff at 207-622-3374, or email.  We hope to see you at the State House for what is expected to be a very interesting session for the medical community.

Amy Madden, MD, Chair, MMA Legislative Committee

(For more information and to sign up click here)

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