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The mission of the Maine Academy of Family Physicians is to support the practice concepts and precepts of Family Medicine in the state of Maine; to promote excellence in health care, the prevention of disease, and the betterment of the health of the citizens of Maine.

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A Note from the Maine AFP President:

July 12, 2022

Dear Maine AFP Members:

The focus of my term as President of the Maine Academy of Family Physicians has been to engage as many of our members as possible.  It is important to me and the Board of Directors to understand our members’ needs and opinions.

Last year, we initiated a Townhall for the membership to opine on the Resolutions presented to the AAFP Congress of Delegates. We will do the same this fall.

We are currently Scheduled for September 14th, 7pm via Zoom conference call with the Board of Directors.  All current MAFP Members are welcome to attend.  Contact the MAFP office to register and receive your login credentials.  Please provide your AAFP ID# and full name as it appears on your AAFP Membership account for verification.

This year I want to hear directly from the members their opinions and needs.  Since for most of us face-to-face meetings are now acceptable, we are planning a Listening Tour.  I along with several members of the Board of Directors and Deborah Halbach, Executive Director will have several supper meetings in several areas of the state.  These are to be social gatherings to allow us to meet the members and for them to meet us and to hear from them.

Best Personal Regards,

Francis A. Bellino, MD, FAAFP