Attendees were able to obtain their 3 hours of opioid related training requirements by the Maine State Board of Licensure as well as over 15 CME credits.

Health Equity Talk - Dr. Tochi Iroku-Malize , the current President of the AAFP gave an excellent presentation on health equity and the AAFP’s Everyone Project that has four priorities:

  • Workforce Development: We will increase diversity and pursue comprehensive representation in medical schools, residency programs, and the entire field of medicine.
  • Health in All Policies: We will advocate for policies and legislative efforts through a lens of seeking equal health for all communities, families, and individuals.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: We will form key partnerships with organizations and groups that share our values and fortify our fight to eliminate health inequities.
  • Evidence-based Knowledge: We will develop tools and share research findings to fill knowledge gaps and raise awareness of issues surrounding social determinants of health.

To highlight the importance of improving awareness of our own implicit bias Dr. Iroku-Malize shared a personal story of going to an emergency room in pain and being treated as a drug seeking patient.  She encouraged all of us to improve our awareness of our implicit bias.  At each annual update we are committed to providing educational activities on promoting health equity.

On Friday night we gathered for a fun social event at Bayside Bowling. Attendees, families and presenters joined.  High score for the evening was 165!